Before working with Shina, I didn't have a consistent plan, and I wasn't feeling very optimistic about my future. Since working with Shina, I have a more defined life plan. I am optimistic and excited about the direction my life has taken. I feel like I am a better me. I'm working harder to reach my goals. As a result of my hard work and Shina's encouragement, I received a promotion during the course of our sessions! Shina is unique because she uses her positive energy to boost and encourage you. She speaks to you with love and compassion, and constantly makes you desire better things for yourself. I would encourage anyone who wants that extra push toward self fulfillment to work with Shina. She won't give up on you and she won't let you give up on yourself. She is definitely an awesome woman of God. 

-Sharonne Spencer (North Carolina)

Before working with Shina I was a woman, trying to find her voice. I wanted to be more confident and assertive. I have always been a bit timid and indecisive and I finally decided that I wanted to change! Since working with her, I feel my confidence building and I'm noticing things about myself that are evolving. I'm excited about the growth I've seen in the short time I've worked with her. Her kindness, love and spot on intuition is priceless. I am forever grateful for all the tools she's given me and her genuine desire to help others! She is the absolute best and I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking for some light, compassion, wisdom, and guidance! You'll thank me later!

- Kellye Gregg (New Jersey)

I had a broken spirit, full of pain, fustration, fear of the unknown. I noticed over the last month and half of working with you that I found myself regaining strength day by day, which lead to having courage within myself to not settle for less anymore, and to stand up for myself!

You are encouraging, understanding, a motivator, someone that doesn't think of yourself, you have a huge heart in wanting to help others. Your drive in empowering women to see the good in themselves, and determination in wanting them to see their purpose in life. Your sessions aren't rushed. I like the fact that you really take the time out to really HEAR ME.


Shina has had such a positive effect on my life and emotional outlook.  She has a gift of insight and uplifting energy which she shares with her clients. She encouraged me to focus on nurturing myself and grow while loving who I am. She opened up the door allowing me the clarity to let go of the toxins in my life regarding my relationships. She sincerely wants her clients to be happy and reach for the stars because she knows we can touch them!! She gave me ideas to incorporate into my daily routine that will help me to bring out my authentic self.  Thank you Shina for truly caring about your clients!

- Melissa Moscatelli (New Jersey)

Before working with Rashina, I was having some internal conflict surrounding my personal and professional life. My mind and heart were not in sync and I had fears attached to my childhood. Working with Shina has helped me stare my fears right in the face and my heart and mind are coming into alignment. She is so insightful and genuinely caring and concerned. Her intuitive nature combined with her patience and guidance makes you forget you're a client and makes you feel more like a friend that you've known forever! You finish her sessions feeling hopeful, renewed and inspired! I would encourage and totally recommend being light with Shina!

- Jennifer M. Gregg, M.S. (New Jersey)