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What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational healing method which balances and revitalizes  our energies, helping our bodies to align physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki promotes self-healing, and relaxation; reduces stress and increases inner peace. 

Reiki is the Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.  It is a safe, non-invasive, natural healing therapy that allows us to absorb the valuable life force energy. 

Who is Reiki Beneficial for?

Reiki is beneficial for everyone. Reiki is helpful for pets, children and adults of all ages. It aids in trauma recovery and helps with the release of stagnant energy to help reduce pain in the physical body. It is calming for sensitive children and provides peace to transitioning - end of life patients. Reiki provides balance to the energetic and spiritual bodies.

What happens during a Reiki healing session?

During a Reiki healing session, you lay comfortably and relaxed on a reiki table. Distance clients may rest in a comfortable and private space of their choosing. This service is just as beneficial remotely as it is face to face. In fact, some of the most profound healings have happened with my distance clients.

I will gently lay my hands on several placements correlating with the energy centers within your body and feel the energy flow into you. At any time, you may feel sensations such as heat, coolness, tingling, tightness, heaviness being lifted and released. Crystals, aromatherapy and energy sprays may be used to enhance your healing therapy.

My sessions are referred to as Intuitive Reiki because I use multiple healing modalities in each energy healing session. Each session includes aura cleansing, chakra balancing and divine messages (a reading) channeled from your spirit tribe. Your loved ones who’ve transitioned may also present themselves with loving guidance and healing messages through mediumship.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness - to explore what is stored in the subconscious mind. During therapy, you are completely aware and conscious however the thinking mind becomes extremely relaxed allowing the subconscious to step forward. While everyone’s experience is unique, as each person’s experience differs, past lives are experienced as vivid memories, feelings or just a knowing as information presents itself. You will be able to see, hear, sense or notice information about a past life, similar to watching a movie, only this time you are inside of this movie and you the main character!

It is in no way frightening, as all of the information that comes forward may offer important insights and healing for current emotional and physical challenges. Past Life Exploration can also assist with spiritual growth, revealing past special talents and gifts, also with phobias. For example, a client I serviced had a extreme dislike for all animals and during their regression founded in a past life they were a hunter and were attacked by an animal.

Individual results may vary. Past Life Therapy is not associated with any one religion, as many individuals are just curious to see who they may have been. Past life regressions or any holistic service provided are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.

What is Light Coaching?

A form of coaching that uniquely blends compassion, intuitive guidance, loving and healing energy to bring one to their self decided goals and their soul in alignment with its divine purpose.

It is my desire as a Light Coach to help you learn to lead a balanced life as your highest motivated self, maximizing all of your potential while becoming a sound being. Learn to have a deeper connection with life’s journey by living light and discovering your inner map of guidance that’s been right inside of you all along!