Past Life Regression

Shina is absolutely amazing. From the moment I walked in, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The scents, healing sounds and Shina's welcoming smile made me feel right at home. When it was time to start the Past Life Regression, I was able to easily relax even more by the sound of her calming voice. She walked me through the process with ease and I could tell that she was very passionate about helping me uncover as much information as possible.

Going in, I didn't know what to expect, but I'm so happy that I booked the session. I was able to journey through a few past lifetimes and get some answers about different things that I've been working through currently. It was healing because it provided a deeper understanding about some lessons that I needed to learn. It also provided more understanding about some fears that I can finally let go. 

I highly recommend this service!


I truly appreciate my experience, within weeks I have learned so much about myself with the help of Shina’s energy. I’m so thankful to be on my journey with such great support. I recommend Shina services no matter where you you are in your journey. Most importantly I recommend having the beer book “Songs of Love for the Soul” to help you prepare and stay ready in your light... allowing yourself to truly express yourself. Thank you Shina  


Reiki Sessions

I have booked 3 sessions and bought her journal and it is worth every penny and then some. She is truly healerbae. She did reiki for me and it has been so beneficial to helping vie unlock a whole new level. I am floating in a brand new realm of life because of it. She also did some sound therapy that was like an internal massage, I’ve never felt my 3rd eye until I got on her table, truly van outer body experience that I am so grateful for. I am vibrating so so so much higher and I thank you so much for being a vessel of transferring love and knowledge and so much magic. You are loved and appreciated, I’ll forever be grateful for your life, Thank you Sheena. Make sure ya’ll book her if you really trynna level up. I promise you there will be a shift in your life afterwards. She got the juiceeee!

J. Slater

What an Amazing Experience!!!

What An amazing experience!!! Shina’s work and practice was brought to my attention by a very close friend of mine. I’m very shy and reluctant to reach out to new people especially with things involving my spirit so to say I was hesitant at first is an understatement.  But as soon as I arrived at my session I knew I belonged there. The vibe was warm and welcoming. It was exactly where I needed to be to begin my healing. I could feel her intentions were pure and that gave me great comfort. She was open and honest with me I couldn’t have asked for more.  Since my session I must say my energy and vibe has sky rocketed. She is absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything 💜

J. Todd

My First Reiki Healing

This was my first Reiki healing and it was an AMAZING experience. I feel like I learned a little more about myself which helped me start on my healing journey. I was able to be vulnerable and feel free in that moment which is very hard for me. I think anyone on a journey to being their better self should try it. I can NOT wait until my next healing session!

A. Bright

Reiki Session Giveaway Winner

I really enjoyed my distance Reiki session I won!  It was my first time having a distance Reiki session. You explained exactly what distance Reiki meant, and you checked to see if I had questions about the session before we started. You made my session feel like I was right there with you. I love the fact that you did not ask personal questions about me prior to the session. You chose rather to wait and see how my energy spoke to you. I enjoyed the music selected for the session. The information we discussed after the session was right on time! You made me feel very comfortable with sharing my thoughts. Before we ended you made sure to see if I had any questions. You also informed me on what to do in the days following the session. I have had Reiki sessions before, but you were the first one who actually checked on me after to see how I was doing. I appreciate that!  I can’t  wait to have another session with you. Hopefully one day I’ll get to have one in person! Keep doing what you’re doing, the world needs you!

Deidra Savage

Great Intuitive Reading

I had a great intuitive reading done by Shina a week ago. It brought so many things that I was feeling and knew about myself to prospective. The reading also gave me the push that I needed to continue on with some goals that I wanted to put in motion. Thanks for being so kind-hearted and giving me the opportunity for a mind blowing experience.

F. Thomas

My first experience was one to remember...

My first experience was one to remember. I had an amazing experience during my first Reiki &Crystal Therapy session. Shina's spirit was very relaxed and warm which helped myself to be calm. I was a bit nervous before the start of session. Shina took her time to explain the process of the session from start to end. The energy from the crystals was an even bigger experience. I Thank God for that divine connection for Shina and I to cross paths. I plan to schedule more sessions in the future.

-Rasheedah H.

I was very skeptical...

I was very skeptical about trying crystal healing, so I decided to try it with someone I recognized who took the same path. I ordered the essential beginners healing set from this company, and in one day’s time I felt a shift in energy. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t coincidental so I waited a few days to make sure I wasn’t psychologically creating an illusion of this energy. The energy never changed. I later followed up and requested a personal package from this company. They worked with me to create a crystal set to suit my needs at a good price. I improved more. My mood I became even better. I’m healing at a better rate. Everything just has been aligning for me. I’ll continue to support this company and have recommended others. I’m sure they will purchase from here as well. 

Keithan Watkins

Thank you...

Be Light Holistic healing is truly a blessing. The Rainbow Aura Amethyst found me and in perfect alignment with the universe as I was upon another growing transition. Rashina's energy is amazing and healing in itself, in combination with her Reiki charging, and the energy shift I am experiencing, I've been spiritually flying and healing! I definitely recommend Be Light Holistic Healing for new and seasoned crystal seekers and holders, your spirit won't be disappointed. Gratitude to Be Light Holistic Healing for the renewed energy wave!

Blessings and Gratitude,

Whitney Franklin M.Ed., Certified Life Coach

Founder & CEO

First Reiki Session

I had a wonderful experience during my first Reiki session. I'm grateful for Rashina and also grateful to GOD for blessing her with a gift to heal. Her spirit was warm, confident and calm. Thank you Rashina for being obedient to the call on your life. May God continue to bless your life and your ministry. 

Sharifa Brown

Just what I needed...

I found just what I needed and my order came in very quickly. I was looking for sage to clarify my home and Shina schooled me on the clarifying properties in Palo Santo wood as well. I love the quality I received in both products and the energy that came with them! I'm a highly satisfied customer and I can't wait to explore the other products her shop has to offer! :)

~ Tash Leake

Unlikely Review!

I have been on my holistic healing journey for 5 years or more. As a spiritual healer myself in order to help others you must be healed yourself. I have been seeing another Reiki practitioner as well as other spiritual healers however this one special person who she thought was to close to me to help me, well that was all wrong!

I was lead to have Shina, my daughter, do my Reiki healing this time. During my healing, I was treated with gentleness and compassion, the same that she would extend to any other client. Some people may wonder, isn't she too close to you, to receive what you need?  WELL, MAY I TELL YOU, that session was one of the best sessions I've ever had. The emotions, the pain that resided in my heart that had nothing to do with the passing of my daughter that Shina had no idea about, was nothing but a miracle of healing for me. My spirit had never been touched in a way that it had been on that day. I am so blessed and thankful to have a daughter who can be my daughter and still be a professional healer when needed. Thank you Shina!

Michele  (Mamita)

My First Reiki Session

I recently had my first reiki session done on Sunday and i can honestly say I was not disappointed. I’ve known Sheena since undergrad in college. So, once i found out she was certified in initiuitive reiki, she was the first person i contacted when i became interested in learning more about it and getting certified myself. 
I began my journey a year ago, and had so many questions about taping into my spirituality, holistic healing, and embracing this person deep down who started to emerge. When i spoke to Sheena about my interest, she recommended that i first get a reiki session done on myself to see if it were something that reasonated with me since dealing with other people’s energies is very delicate (especially if you haven’t tapped into your own yet). She did not recommend she be the one who do the session, but that i research and find a reiki master that spoke to me (that did not happen). 
I reached back out to her asking could she perform my first session, and of course she said yes. I can say going into the session i mentally knew what to expect, but feeling, connecting, and seeing was something that took me by a good way. 
I felt so many things during the session, i cried, and felt very warm. I was so caught in it, it didn’t feel like the session had ended. There were so many things within me i didn’t think anyone knew but she saw it, and i appreciate her bringing those things out. Emptying me so i can fill myself with the positive energy that’s conducive to my growth, mentally and spiritually. I will definitely have a follow up session, but this just confirmed my want and desire pursue my certification. We are meant to be a light to this world, and continue to spread love, peace and joy. I will continuously finds ways to do that, and she has given me my starting point.


I'm very pleased...

I’m very pleased with my order from Be Light Holistic Healing. My order came faster than expected. And I received exactly what I needed for my spiritual cleansing. Shina was so considerate and kind. I can’t wait to try Energy Healing services in the future! 


I love love love all three!

I bought the grounding mist, smudging spray, and the Faith Crystal Pouch. I love love love all three!! I just used the grounding smells good, and instantly starts improving your mood. I woke up with a headache and it's relieving that! The explanation for each product was super informative! Everything was neat and professional! Thank you Be Light Holistic Healing for tools to aid in improving my spiritual health. 


Shina, Thank you!

Thank you for your willingness to share and teach.  As I watched you lead the self-esteem workshop, I see the healing that has taken place in you and I am proud of how you have embraced it to make you a better person and to offer a healing to so many others through your spirit of love and truth. 

Your willingness to be vulnerable transcends your audience and I am sure that you have changed the lives of many.  Thank you again for taking the time to share your energy and poetry with our youth group, our future.  That piece moves me and I think it has the power to heal and empower many women!  Thank you again for uplifting and empowering us all.


Before working with Shina, I didn't have a consistent plan, and I wasn't feeling very optimistic about my future. Since working with Shina, I have a more defined life plan. I am optimistic and excited about the direction my life has taken. I feel like I am a better me. I'm working harder to reach my goals. As a result of my hard work and Shina's encouragement, I received a promotion during the course of our sessions! Shina is unique because she uses her positive energy to boost and encourage you. She speaks to you with love and compassion, and constantly makes you desire better things for yourself. I would encourage anyone who wants that extra push toward self fulfillment to work with Shina. She won't give up on you and she won't let you give up on yourself. She is definitely an awesome woman of God. 

-Sharonne Spencer (North Carolina)

Before working with Shina I was a woman, trying to find her voice. I wanted to be more confident and assertive. I have always been a bit timid and indecisive and I finally decided that I wanted to change! Since working with her, I feel my confidence building and I'm noticing things about myself that are evolving. I'm excited about the growth I've seen in the short time I've worked with her. Her kindness, love and spot on intuition is priceless. I am forever grateful for all the tools she's given me and her genuine desire to help others! She is the absolute best and I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking for some light, compassion, wisdom, and guidance! You'll thank me later!

- Kellye Gregg (New Jersey)